Episode 82

Ep. 82: Why You Need to Build Customer Loyalty in Your Beauty Business


In this week's episode Lauren discusses how important it is to Build Customer Loyalty in Your Beauty Business.

  1. Stop focussing on attracting New Clients, and focus on optimising your current offerings and even more importantly increasing your Client Retention Rate. (You need to master looking after people, and making your Current Clients feel welcome and appreciated).
  2. Communication (from Confirmation; to Reminders; to the Salon Experience; to Follow Up) all needs to be timely, friendly, informative and appreciative.
  3. Keep checking in with your Clients during the service to make sure they're comfortable and content.
  4. Be confident and ask your Clients to rebook.
  5. Run a Loyalty Program in your Business.
  6. Stay in contact with your Clients via text, or email, or some form of newsletter.
  7. Survey Your Clients.
  8. Take all feedback seriously.
  9. Prioritise Client Retention Rate and your Business will grow.

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