Episode 84

Ep. 84: How I Balance Being a Business Owner and a Mum


In this week's episode Lauren speaks to a very tough (yet common) question she is asked by busy Salon Owners: How does Lauren balance being a Business Owner and a Mum?

Myth-busting >>> "You can be a great Business Owner, and a great Mum. You can have both!"

How Lauren Does It.

  1. Sharing the load with (and being thankful for) a Super Supporting Partner.
  2. Focus on your Time Management. (Go here for more Eps about >>> Time Management).
  3. Scheduling in Family Time and Events.
  4. Reframing your hard work as a potential framework/career path for your children. Showing them, that they can also pursue entrepreneurship in the future, too.
  5. Look After You!! Self-care is super important if you want to get the Business Owner & Mum balance right (well, as close to right as possible).
  6. Have Realistic Expectations. "Take it easy on yourself, you don't have to be perfect".

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