Episode 85

Ep. 85: Q&A - The Sales Mindset (Solutions Selling) | Client Notes | Allergic Reactions | Marketing New Services


In this week's episode Lauren answers four great questions from a recent Instagram poll.

  1. How do I sell to the Client without feeling like I'm pushing too much on them and/or making them feel uncomfortable during the Sales Interaction?
  2. How can Salon Owners and Employees save time on taking, tracking and reading Client Notes?
  3. How does Lauren deal with (and minimise) Allergic Reactions in her Salon? [ please note: this is not Medical Advice, and should be read or listened-to as opinion only ].
  4. How would Lauren market a New Salon Service (or Product Range)?

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This Episode was Recorded and Produced by Josh Liston at DeadsetPodcasting.com


This episodes theme music (Title: 'Highlander'') is from the amazing 'Scandianvianz'. 

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